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ABOUT: This site chronicles action research in the art program in an alternative secondary (6-12) school in the Bronx. Comprehensive digital documentation (photographing 100% of student progress) in an everyday NYC classroom provides a unique window (and tons of data) created by students to build e-portfolios, and rich visual histories.

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HOW-TO VIDEOS: Vimeo site with step-by-step instructional video clips

ART + TEACHING PORTFOLIO: Professional art history, units/lessons, animation samples, gallery, outside collaborations and more:

May 2017 - Posted animation videos and exhibited student work in Bronx Borough Arts festival. Voted school chapter chair by staff. Another successful year with City-As-School interns. Facilitator at thrice-annual Bronx Art Teacher Effectiveness Conferences.

Feb 2016 - Applying to PROSE School Program. Began collaboration with EVC to provide video instruction and document artmaking in art and other classrooms. Continuing HS internships for students from City As School in Manhattan and Claremont Academy. Theater teacher resigned due to family emergency.

Sept 2015 - School now part of 9-Squared Program seeking to reduce school-to-prison pipeline in collaboration with multiple state and municipal agencies. Expanded school to 9th grade and established dedicated art room. Arts now include visual art, half-time theater and music instruction. Initiated in-school video program.

June 2015 - our first 8th grade class moved up to high school!

Feb 2015: Intern program will now include students from City As School in Manhattan and Claremont Academy which is on our own campus. New art centers now include multitrack recording on donated iMac. Comic production has expanded to include one sci-fi comic, one MLK comic and one kid's cartoon.

Nov 2014: Our school featured in Chalkbeat as the city’s only public transfer school serving 6th and 7th grade. In September, they also wrote about us in connection with a report showing 25% of NYC public schools students are now overaged.

Sept 2014: We phased in an 8th grade, bringing all grades further into asynchronous learning. Art classes now include stop-motion animation, comic production, digital art and traditional portfolio works. Assignments are posted online using Google Classroom for transfer or home-bound students or make-up work.

The City-as-School intern program has grown from four to seven interns for this marking period, including assistant teaching, comic inking/coloring and multimedia editing.

Full school art albums are now linked to school home page. Presented online media-arts workshop at 2014 NYCATA conference at HS of Art & Design.

July 2014 - launched videoconferencing with out of state classes and will be offering online learning this summer.

Began our Comic + Media internships for high school students from other transfers schools. Centering around production of a printed sci-fi comic book, interns choose roles such as writing, editing, drawing, inking or coloring comic art and multimedia projects in collaboration with our middle school students. More information on Comic + Media Production Internship page.

April 2014 - Tested STOODLE.ORG virtual whiteboard with live voice chat. Touted by G+ for peer-to-peer "homework help" but also allows teachers to host virtual "office hours". Putting this together on one page with a Titanpad below would be a great all-in-one tool for virtual connections.

March 2014 - converting lessons to modular digital format for portability. Added TITANPAD, open text-based document sharing (with chat windows on the side).

GooglePlus online galleries for images and multimedia including student work updated continually: TITANPAD FOR OUR ART PROGRAM SCHOOL HERE. Students can post with smartphone or PCs to collaborate remotely in real time in teacher-moderated setting.

Video for lesson on symmetry, spontaneous art and making visual connections.

How important is Art in Education? Diane Ravitch Discusses.

My first Google Hangout, with a circle of art teachers, discussing distance collaboration and sharing in blogs and virtual visits. Also technology used to post class art (Flickr) and writing, ongoing conversations ( The official start is about 12:10.

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NO ART IN SCHOOL? Students can engage in a variety of online arts activities, including how-to videos, but nothing beats great instruction by an experienced educator and NYC has had some of the best anywhere. Why isn't there an online portal where NYC students can interface with NYC teachers? The tools are here. If students are motivated, there should be a place online for them to go for help, especially 8th graders applying to art schools. Read more.

Google Art Project, offering virtual tours of the world's finest art museums. Pick a museum and navigate using "Street View" tools. Then zero in on the masterpieces in incredible resolution. You can also "curate" your own collections and create your own guided tours for others. Perfect for art teachers or curious students who don't have carfare to get to the Louvre at the moment.

NYIT's Sarah McPherson speaks about elementary and high-school teachers embracing technology in the classroom, the digital divide and how schools are missing opportunities to shape and guide student's futures by banning technology in the classroom. (Retrieved 1/20/11)


Education Minister in India makes startling announcement about $35 digital tablet,
promised to 400 million school aged young people in technology initiative greater than total US + UK population combined:
Tablets to have wi-fi, USB, Google Android OS.

Motion Comics: Marvel, DC and major movie studios have launched "motion" comics featuring multimedia versions of print comics with limited animation, voiceovers, music and special effects. Examples include the Watchmen, X-Men, Iron Man and Spider-Woman. Surely a winner in art/tech classrooms using comic images to animate and set to audio.

ANIMATED CONTENT: Story of Stuff's Annie Leonard breaks down conservation for kids: Juice Boxes, Magazines and Electronics - made with WGBH Boston and PBSKids.


Site for creating simple multi-panel cartoons and posting them for view and ranking:
Create-a-comic Online App

John Walker, creator of AutoCAD maintains site with interesting set of tools, references and knowledge all the way from Switzerland including science apps and basic code writing tips.

1st iPad painting

How is fingerpainting on the iPad? This is my first attempt working on the iPad using the $5 app called ArtStudio. I will update this Batgirl drawing later and add backgrounds. Any K-12 Art Teachers using iPads in education yet? Tweet me at: @NYArteacher

Update 1 (below, Dec 2010) : Spent another 30 minutes or so on my first iPad fingerpainting. Nowhere as good as the portraitist below, but kinda got the hang of it. It takes some adjusting to the tools but has incredible potential for students and adults - think of the savings in paint, brushes, sinks, smocks.
To see an animation made with this Batgirl picture in Flash, CLICK HERE.

Update 2: Tested an iPad app called AnimationHD for $2 which I would recommend for students and adults.

The first online demo of a portrait using the iPad happened summer 2010:
Instagram NDSS ART instagram