Comic & Media Internship
Centering around a printed sci-fi comic book project, interns assume hands-on production roles, in addition to working alongside younger students. Launched July 2014, interns come from transfer high schools to collaborate in comic and media arts production with our middle school students, receiving Art, ELA, Technology or other credit for hands-on production and onsite classroom assistance.

WE DO THE HARD PART: Learning experiences are appropriate to skill level and interest, using teacher and intern-provided pencils for students to practice inking and coloring. Interns and students take roles in creating a comic with our first full color issue nearing completion!


• multimedia children's show DEFNTLY STREET, video editing and performing arts
• freeform teen magazine to include student created/curated art, writing and photography
• murals for halls
kids shows.png

- writing, editing, pencilling, inking, coloring, lettering for comic books or freeform teen magazine
- photography, video, editing, graphic design
- page layout, art curation, illustration, painting, animation, poster art, muraling
- assisting students with Art projects and other classwork
- scribes for younger students, translating spoken narrative into notes and written sequences
- singing, dancing, drama, musical instruments, puppetry

First project: Doom Magazine #1 featuring Pearl White Malady

Malady plays "Pearl White" as a costumed employee of Eisneyworld, one day sneaking off into the never-used dark laboratory department with a male companion for a make out session. They proceed into a sunken chamber underneath the floor when suddenly the lights go on. Terminally ill Wilt Eisney is lowered in and cryogenically frozen, trapping the two youths with him!

Several millennia later, Malady thaws as the chamber’s ice melts. She explores the surface to discover a post-apocalyptic landscape of wrecked cities and firestorms, with flying mutated beasts roming the skies. Yes, the Earth has changed radically - radioactive creeks, mile-high piles of wreckage and debris, volcanic gritstorms, toxic clouds, strange creatures and roving flocks of flesh-hungry winged demons.

When Mal's young male friend is abducted, her quest begins, looking for him or any other humans. Things look rough for Mal who finds herself running for her life from the terrifying creatures of the new dawn, but just when it appears she’s finished for good, ol' Wilt Eisney makes a surprise appearance, bursting with muscles.

Although his head has been severed by flesh-eating termite-people, Wilt is very much alive - he’s been hooked up to steroid pumps for thousands of years, which were contaminated by radioactive chemical leakage. Wilt accompanies Malady through adventures across the wasteland, encountering anthropomorphs and flying demons all along the way, trying to survive, searching on and on for safety, ultimately they will come to seek the lost macrochip which contains the recorded history of the universe to find out what happened to the planet?!

Students are invited to plot chapters or sequences, contribute ideas, invent characters, and imagine what US cities might be like, making reference to sports teams of today in imagining the creatures of this dystopian future world.